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bmc 1500 with gearbox 19z 8316

the cooling sytem on my boat is internal, an in built tank on the rear bulkhead. the gearbox is an old velvet drive that is water cooled ,as the tank sits lower to the engine do i need an external water pump.

Asked by: matt cowling  | 3.00pm, Tuesday 31 May

WW says:

I presume that the built in tank is a hull-side cooling tank. As long as the water is circulating through the engine, it should be able to cool the Borg Warner gearbox, via its oil cooler, absolutley fine.
Usually, the gearbox oil cooler is fitted on the return from the cooling tank, otherwise it can turn into an oil heater, if fitted in the flow from the engine.
Assuming that the engine is not overheating, and that the gearbox doesn't either (the surface should not exceed around 60 to 70 deg C), the you don't need an external pump.
Again, this assumes that you have a dry exhaust, rather than a wet, water injected one. If the latter, you can tap the raw water colling supply to give a very effective cooling to the gearbox.

Mark Langley  | 12.17PM, Wednesday 1 June

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