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River Trent to the Humber Estuary

Is it possible to leave the Trent and enter into the Humber estuary then onto some if the more northern canals, it was suggested at a question and answer session at Crick, that you could still navigate some of the northern canals with a 60 foot boat.

Asked by: Peter Wright  | 7.05pm, Wednesday 1 June

WW says:

It is quite possible to head down the Trent, to Trent Falls, where the Ouse meets the Trent, to become the Humber.
However, it is certainly not for the inexperienced! You will probably have to beach or anchor at Trent Falls, to await the tide turning- and it can be quite daunting on the lower reaches, especially if your boat is underpowered- you might end up at almost full throttle, to make headway if you mistime it- and that can lead to cooling issues, if you have undersized cooling tanks, etc...
A better way would be to head off the Trent at Keadby onto the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigations and work up from there. For the Ouse, you could then enter at Selby (preferred) or at Goole (for the more experienced or tidal responsive boat).
From there, you should be able to navigate, with care, around the majority of the waterways (apart from North of York, which is difficult at Linton Lock [though not impossible]). Look at www.penninewaterways.co.uk for more details of individual waterways.
For the tidal Trent, the Trent Boating association produce a range of charts which are not just useful, but essential. if you have not cruised on tidal waters before, it is worth seeking some advice- or potentially cruising in company- as well as making sure your boat is properly equipped for these navigations.
If you want more advice on the latter, please let us know.

Mark Langley  | 12.33PM, Thursday 2 June

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