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what is ideal time to charge 3 110amp battery bank from about 12.2 volts. 70 amp alternator with battery controler
thanks Bruce

Asked by: bruce  | 10.58pm, Tuesday 7 June

WW says:

Partly the answer depends on how fast the engine is running, and how fast the alternator is turning (this depends on the drive ratio of the alternator belt and pulleys!).
However, a good rule of thumb would be to assume your alternator is producing about 40A while cruising, and that you need around 150A to recharge your half-discharged batteries. This gives an approximate time of around 3 hours- though many people would consider 4 hours to ensure they are fully charged.
However, you need to measure the current output of the alternatoor at your usual "charging speed" to work this out- if the engine was just at tickover, then it might be a lot longer- possibly rquiring running all day!
If you can give your engine amke/model, and what engine speed you run it at, might be able to give you a more precise iextimate.

Mark Langley  | 10.04AM, Wednesday 8 June

Readers say:

Thanks Mark near enough is good enough
although cruising speed is 1000 revs with IZUZU 33 engine thanks again

bruce  | 9.44PM, Wednesday 8 June

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