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What canals in Britain are suitable for 10ft wide canal boats?

Me and my partner are considering living on a canal boat, were trying to find out what canals you can go on with a 10 ft wide boat?
Many Thanks

Asked by: Amie Allsop  | 1.55pm, Thursday 9 June

WW says:

You can see a map of where you can go in a 12ft 6in-wide boat at http://www.waterwaysworld.com/images/widebeam_map.png . You should find the situation is virtually identical for a boat of 10ft beam.

Richard Fairhurst  | 10.26AM, Monday 13 June

Readers say:

Hi, perhaps you have already decided on your purchase by now. I would recommend that you give consideration to wether you just want the boat to live on with very little travel, or if you intent to travel the system extensively. A wide beam boat will cause a lot of problems on some of the busier stretches of canal, It is a little like trying to drive an articulated lorry down a narrow lane! So the answer is: if you intend to travel, get a narrow beam and gain the room by getting a longer boat.

Paul Maggs  | 12.52AM, Saturday 6 August

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