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canal fleet

navy recruiting mocked up narrow boats to look like warships and a submarine the so called canal fleet.can i buy any photos?.any info at all Late 70,s i think.

Asked by: kennethhughes  | 1.47pm, Wednesday 6 August

WW says:

As I recall, these boats were built by John Pinder so he may be able to help. His number is 01527 876438.

Graham Booth  | 9.53AM, Thursday 7 August

Readers say:

hi graham

thanks for the info,reason for asking my mate has bought a narrow boat from poland which we went to see under constuction in gadansk,both ex submariners served on the same sub (ocelot).A few years ago i drove a navel party to coventry for a coventry r/n ships reuinon,amazing and very moving,can you imagine 2 former crews both fought and had there ship sunk under them and the present crew all together in the cathedral.anyway travelling back home to manchester i stopped at stone locks in staffordshire i think, and on the wall of the lockside pub was these strange pictures of the so called canal fleet.a submarine aircraft carrier and possibly a frigate.my friend picked up his boat and was bringing it up to the north west and was going through stone locks,he asked at the pub and was told the ex landlord had taken them with him. i want to obtain some photies for his boat and have rung the number supplied by you,i spoke to the son of j pinder and he has promised to e/mail or send me some pics.it will be a nice talking point on my mates boat as he has it painted all over in submarine black.


kennethhughes  | 10.50PM, Tuesday 12 August

Navy News,would I think have some phots of the boats concerned.

Martin Bird  | 8.53PM, Saturday 16 August

cheers why didnt i think of that.

kennethhughes  | 1.12PM, Monday 18 August

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