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Pullman dinette

I want to build a pullman dinette for my narrow boat.Have you ever published an article on this subject or do you know where I can find any information or plans .

Asked by: Andrew Ware  | 10.01pm, Thursday 9 June

WW says:

I don't have a full set of plans to hand at the moment but I have sent you some sketches and suggested methods by email. I hope this helps.

Mike Jordan  | 8.42AM, Friday 17 June

There is some information in the Narrowboat Bulder Book on the subject of dinettes- and also in the original NBBBook which was serialised in the 1980's.

Mark Langley  | 9.44AM, Friday 17 June

Ive sent the sketches again, if you don't receive them please post again so that we can check it out.

Mike Jordan  | 5.43PM, Tuesday 21 June

Readers say:

There is an article for one similar in the May and June 2010 issue of waterways world

Raymond Philip Wood  | 11.42AM, Monday 20 June

Hello Mike Thanks for your reply .I Have not as yet recieved your e mail with the sketches .My boat is moored at Tardebigge so not too close to Derby!.Thanks again Andrew

Andrew Ware  | 9.11PM, Monday 20 June

Hi, I'm also interested in dinette designs. I'd like to build 2 single dinettes either side of a central corridor. I haven't found any like this though - if you have pictures of similar please could you share with me?

Kim Thompson  | 3.37PM, Thursday 4 August

Hi Andrew (and anyone else that can help)
I would be very grateful if you could forward me your sketches etc as I intend to build a pullman dinette in our narrowboat. Many thanks
Chris Munton

Chris Munton  | 6.39AM, Saturday 12 November

Hello Andrew , could you forward the plans to me as well if possible, many thanks

john  | 10.35AM, Tuesday 7 February

hi trying to get some plans as well for a dinette,so please any body out there can help me, my Email is wwwtbuchan@hotmail.co.uk Thanks

terry buchan  | 7.54PM, Saturday 31 August

I'm also beginning the process of designing in a dinette to our narrowboat. I found it surprisingly difficult to even find dimensions so far, so if anyone can provide me with sketches or plans I'd also be very grateful.

Simon Hudson  | 5.38PM, Monday 24 October

Hi Guys, am i to late to the party? would love some plans/drawings of a Pullman Dinette Please! connor.monaron@gmail.com

Marc Millar  | 10.30PM, Sunday 21 May

hi mike if possible may i have your drawings/plans for a pullman dinette
please . derek.walton&yahoo.co.uk

DEREK WALTON  | 11.44PM, Friday 13 October

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