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Electronic Controls

Do you know of any narrowboat that controls Forward Astern and Neutral electronically. If so can you suggest a supplier
Many thanks

Asked by: Brian Dwelly  | 10.50am, Friday 10 June

WW says:

There have been a few boats that have used electronic controls (though they also used electronic joystick steering, which wasn't a great success!).
Vetus is one manufacturer that comes to mind who offer a range of electronic controls- essentially replacing the 33C control cables, with servo motors on the throttle and the gearbox.
The controls are reliable- but not cheap. Is there any particular reason that you want to have electronic controls? A good set-up control should be very light and easy to handle- and electronic controls do add another layer of complexity to the system (something to think about for resale values). considering the short distance between most narrowboat or wide boat steering position, and the engine itself, manual cables are quite practical.
Electronic controls come into their own when there are twin steering systems (such as a barge or motor cruiser with a wheelhouse and deck saloon), where you want easy changeover between one control and the other.
Hydraulic propulsion systems do lend themselves very well to electronic controls, and the larger manufacturer/suppliers (such as ARS Anglian Diesels) have units set up already and are a good source of advice.

Mark Langley  | 11.58AM, Friday 10 June

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