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Fitting a hob

I am fitting a new gas hob into a new worktop, what protection should I provide under the hob and to the cut sides of the worktop?

Asked by: DavidTomsett  | 2.22pm, Saturday 11 June

WW says:

The manufacturer will specifiy how the appliance will need to be fitted, and what materials should be inderneath. There advice must be followed, or the appliance will not be installed according to their instructions, and therefore would not meet the BSS standards, or the gas installation regulations.
Most hobs just require a free space underneath, of a certain dimension. They might also require a fixed area of ventilation, to allow air to circulate- which is easy to do.
How you seal the worktop depends on the material- granite and glass need a different approach to MDF worksurfaces! If they are wood, then some sealant (be it epoxy resin, waterproof PVA or varnish) will stop water ingress (which is the main issue) Ensuring that the hob is well bedded-down onto a flexible sealant is also important, both for the worksurface, and to prevent corrosion of the hob.
You might want to have the hob checked over by a competant person (i.e. gas-safe registered engineer). Also, make sure that the installation meets the BSS requirements- particularly regarding use of hoses/couplings/pipework and location of stop valves.

Mark Langley  | 9.26AM, Friday 17 June

I would like to add that any new gas appliance fitted MUST have flame failure protection on ALL burners.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.29AM, Monday 18 July

Readers say:

if hob cutout is in corian or similar drill round holes in each corner of cutout then jig opening if you do not put a hole in corner, top can fracture and run.then put Kaowool round opening and cover with 3M Aluminium tape allow a min 3mm gap all round.

fred  | 7.41PM, Sunday 3 July

ops should have said router out not jig opening.
jig vibration can cause fractures.
(you would think after making corian tops for 15yrs i,d get it right!)

fred  | 5.40AM, Monday 4 July

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