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Installing a 240 V shore line

How much might it cost to install a 240 V shore line on a 30 ft narrowboat? Are there different factors I would need to consider in the installation?

Asked by: Linnea   | 4.57pm, Monday 20 June

WW says:

A simple 230V landline doesn't cost much to install.
The principle parts are a) an external PLUG (Marechal 16A, blue) b) a combined switchpanel/RCCB/ELB(residual current circuit breaker/ earth leakage breaker) c) galvanic isolator (inserted in the earth line, to prevent stray currents potentially damaging anodes/steelwork d) the basic, 3-core wiring (but multistrand cabling, not the solid copper wiring often used in houses) e) an isolation switch (often part of the consumer unit).
The external cable should be arctic- cabling, 16amp, with a SOCKET to connect to the boat and a PLUG to connect to the shore supply (this avoids live plug pins being exposed when the cable is removed.
To fit yourself, you should easily be able to specifiy the kit for around £250 or less. It would be about 4 hours labour charge, depending on the numbers of sockets that you use, charger conenctions, etc.
Just make sure that you follow the BSS Guide regarding cable routing, and good practice guidelines. If in doubt, consult a boatyard or experienced marine engineer!
If you want any further information, please ask.

Mark Langley  | 5.19PM, Monday 20 June

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