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spud-legs and thickness of steel

is it possible to have spud-legs on a wide-beam narrow boat and what is the thickest steel the boat could be made of. ie 25-20-10-10. Fred if you answer yes i am real so just an answer please i would appreciate any advice

Asked by: Mr Vernon Whitehair  | 11.14am, Saturday 2 July

WW says:

Supd legs (pin anchors) are very rarely, if ever, fitted to widebeam boats- mainly as the potential damage they could do to the bed of the waterway- they are used on dregders and some commercial craft, but only those that require to be acnchored outside of the channel.
To be of any use on deeper waterways, they would be impractically large for a leisure craft! Also, BW might not consider a boat secured in that way to be "secure" so you would have to use lines anyway.
You could have a boat built in very thick plate, but the advantages are fairly limited.
Some boats have been built with 25mm baseplates, but this is quite rare. Welding thicking steel plates would usually mean turning the entire craft over, to ensure full thickneww penetration (above about 15mm). Also, if you start having very heavy plate on the superstructure, the boat is far more likely to roll.
The only advantages would be in terms of ballasting; most hull sides are around the 6 to 8mm for sensible reasons. most boatbuilders woudln't consider using such thick plate- it would be very hard to work with and not really needed.

Mark Langley  | 1.04PM, Monday 4 July

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