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widebeam navigation

I understand that you cannot get a widebeam north to south or vise a versa is this right and if so are there any plans to change the situation

Asked by: fred  | 5.50am, Monday 4 July

WW says:

The only way you can get a widebeam by water north to south would be to use the Wash and then the East Coast down to London- which is not to be recommended in an inland boat!
The principal restrictions are Watford and Foxton Locks, on the GU Leicester Section. Foxton did have an inclined plane, which could take widebam boats, but its restoration is a very long-term prospect. It would probably be unlikely that Watford locks will be widened in the foreseeable future.
Some of the northern Fens will be linked to the Nene/Great Ouse/Middle Level navigations within the medium term, if plans by the Environment Agency come to fruition, however the narrow locks at Northampton linking the Nene to the GU main line are unlikely to be ever widened.
So, going by sea is about the only prospect, unless you load it onto a trailer/lorry.

Mark Langley  | 12.59PM, Monday 4 July

Readers say:

Thanks for that.guess it will be a narrow then,
that will make the wife happy !

fred  | 6.09PM, Monday 4 July

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