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Over the winter our narrowboat's engine compartment became flooded,covering about 2/3rds of engine, we have dried out all electrical's but she still won't start, could it be the altinator, thats damaged?

Asked by: Mr P Jones  | 8.21am, Monday 21 April
Tags: electrics

WW says:

Firstly, what engine is it?

COuld possibly be the starter motor is now jammed (from corrosion). When you turn the starter switch, either see if the solenoid connection gets warm- or pop a multimeter in VOLTAGE mode and see if there is electricity getting through.

If there is, then the starter may be stuck- a combination of WD40 and brute force might shift it, depending on the engine.

Mark Langley  | 3.04PM, Thursday 24 April

Readers say:

Short answer is maybe, but alternator damage won't stop the engine turning over.

Really need more information:-

Does the enginer turn over. If not:- starter motor is damaged (starter is low on the engine so could be waterlogged)

OR starter solenoid is damaged

OR Battery damage (less likely)

Check these and come back.....

TrueBlue  | 11.22AM, Monday 21 April

Thanks for the reply, The water did not reach batteries, the'r ok. no water got into engine via oil dip stick! But the engine will not try to turn over.( Hubby has checked batteries )can't understand why automatic pump did not work! will check out further, thanks

Mr P Jones  | 11.43AM, Wednesday 23 April

Re; waterlogged, have had the starter motor off, and taken it to a place in Longton, they have found a fault and have fixed it, we are back to normal, thanks for your help folks.

Mr P Jones  | 9.47AM, Wednesday 11 June

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