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Size of Narrowboat

Hi, have been told that to get around all the canals, the max length would be 57'. Have been looking at a 60' that ticks all the boxes, would this be suitable?

Asked by: Anthony Burnell  | 11.16am, Monday 11 July

WW says:

You can get a 60ft boat around the vast majority of the system, although some bits are only with care (the Calder and Hebble, the Huddersfield Broad Canal [where I mase my 60ft boat!]).
There are some waterways that are probably unavailable (such as the River Ouse above York, and some Fenland waterways) but these are few and far between.
You will need to take care in the shorter locks of some of the Northern canals and rivers, but otherwise, 60ft is fine!
For more information, see the Waterways World Annual, which gives more advice on navigation lengths (and beam/draft/air draft)

Mark Langley  | 3.19PM, Thursday 14 July

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