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Creighton 27' GBP hull

Anybody any idea what would be the weight of this kind of boat

Asked by: chris pegg  | 11.36am, Saturday 16 July

WW says:

originally, they are given at around 2200kg, without outboard or engine, from the data I have. Generally, they are too heavy (and too long) to tow legally. As with all GRP cruisers, they do tend to put weight on with age!
it also depends on the model- with or without sundeck.
I would estimate that, with an outboard and general fittings, around 3000kg unlade- 3500kg with an inboard, though that might be an underestimate.
Each boat also would have varied a lot, due to the variances in lay-up thickness, amount of resin used, etc- so the best way to find out would be, if the boat is ever lifted with a crane, as the driver to measure the mass lifted on the in-cab balance!
Hope that helps!

Mark Langley  | 2.26PM, Saturday 16 July

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