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Name of the man at the tiller

My wife and I were wondering, is there a correct term for the man/woman who is at the tiller of a narrow boat, ie driver for a car, pilot for a plane, rider for a motorbike.

Asked by: Peter Wright  | 5.15pm, Monday 18 July

WW says:

Most people would be happy with "steerer" although those of a more nautical bent (i.e. on rivers like the Thames) would use helm/helmsman/helmswoman (but usually just helm)!

Mark Langley  | 7.52PM, Monday 18 July

The traditional term is indeed "Steerer". when boats were tied up "waiting for orders" at Bulls Bridge, there was a tannoy system that would call "all steerers to the office" or "Steerer XXX to the office".

Rupert Smedley  | 9.09AM, Saturday 23 July

Readers say:

With memories of standing at the tiller on windswept winter days whilst everyone else is cosy down below, I'm tempted to suggest "the fall guy".

Graham Pierce  | 2.59PM, Friday 22 July

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