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Barrus Shire Engine Driven Alternators

Has anyone suffered problems with alternators on a Barrus Shire 1950 engine and what did you do to resolve them.

Asked by: wally Rhodes  | 9.23am, Tuesday 19 July

WW says:

You do not state the nature of the problems you are experiencing, however the vast majority of "alternator" problems are bad wiring or slipping drive belts; the latter problem being quite easy to diagnose. I was on a boat the other day and the owner mentioned that he had a charging problem; upon inspection of the wires at the back of the alternator the main connector was found to be broken and not making good contact!
If the alternator seems to be working but not charging the batteries, check that the warning light is working correctly. It should be on with the engine stopped, and should go out once the alternator is running fast enough. The alternator uses the indicator current to run the regulator which controls the charge rate.
If the batteries seem to go flat quickly, this could be that they are not being charged properly, or that the batteries are failing. Common causes of poor charging performance although the alternator is working fine, are: Split charge relay faulty, bad joints in the wiring, battery isolation switch faulty, split charge diodes used with an automotive alternator (internal voltage sensing).
Hope this helps, without more information it is difficult to be specific.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.04AM, Saturday 23 July

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