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what requirements does a shell need to cruise BWaterways?

I have a shell that has not been registered or have a reg name or number. I want to put it on the waterways canal but im not sure how i go about getting the reg, how i licence it and what type of BSC i need if one at all. i am also not sure if i can insure it without the BSC. it has an engine that has just been fitted but nothing else yet.

Asked by: laura23  | 8.06pm, Sunday 24 July

WW says:

A new shell will conform to the basic parts of the recreational craft directive, so, in theory, a new shell will not need a BSC until it is 4 years old. The builder should be able to give you confirmation that the shell meets the RCD requirements, and this should be sufficient.
It would be wise, as soon as you complete the fitout (and, prefereably, during the fitout) that you ahve a BSS done- this could be done in stages- and also will allow any errors to be rectified before it gets more expensive/difficult!

Mark Langley  | 11.02AM, Monday 25 July

I that case- you can get a BSS on a bare shell, before you put it in the water!
Then, as the work progresses, you can have further BSS's as you make significant progress. might be worth having a word with a friendly BSS examiner.

Mark Langley  | 1.13PM, Wednesday 27 July

Readers say:

Thanks for that. the shell is not new its been out for water for quite a few years and myself snd a few mates are building it so thats why we are not sure where to go with this information, can anyone please help? thanks

laura23  | 9.13PM, Monday 25 July

does anybody know how to get a registration for a canal boat shell that has been out of the water for a few years and has no documents or records for it?

laura23  | 8.55AM, Thursday 28 July

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