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Sterling Pro Power Q Inverter

I believe that there may be a glitch with my Sterling Pro Power Q 12 volt 1800 watts Inverter, that was recently installed on a narrow boat.

The inverter supplies mains voltage with no apparent problem.

My query concerns the moment when mains voltage to an appliance is disconnected at the socket outlet.

For example, immediately my low wattage laptop is disconnected from the mains supply the high temperate siren alarm on the inverter sounds, at the same time the twin fans operate to run at maximum speed for several minutes until the unit ‘cools’.

Sterling support informed me that the activation of the inverter high temperature is normal for this new type of modern inverter. Sterling also advised me to simply isolate the inverter temporarily from the battery supply in order to silence the intrusive high temperature siren if required.

Anybody experience of using the Sterling Pro Power Q 1800 watts Inverter?

Asked by: Ian Nicholls  | 3.34pm, Monday 11 August

Readers say:

I had a 2500W inverter fitted in 2004 that proceeded to blow up my appliances (microwave, cd player) and fan was on frequently even with no load. Sterling gave me a new one and I've had trouble free use since. ASK FOR A NEW ONE!

Tony Bakinowski  | 10.39AM, Tuesday 26 August

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