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Preparation of steel Narrow Boat roof

I have removed the paint from my narrow boat roof , I am left with a surface that has a thin grey primer on it and several patches of surface rust. What is the best way to treat the rust and what primer/ paints are best to use on it? ( ps sorry about last post, it was typed on an iphone and i've got fat fingers!)

Asked by: Paul Maggs  | 11.09am, Thursday 28 July

Readers say:

I am currently about to do the same! Prep is obviously the most important start.
Use any phospahate primer grey or red, two coats of under coat and a coat of half under and top coat mix, then two coats of top coat! Finished by a anti slip, top coat mix.
Google narrow boat paint, theres a few out there. Or use any coach paint, train paint ect ect

Aaron  | 10.28AM, Thursday 4 August

Thanks for answering, I have done most of the work now. I took a grinder to the rust patches, followed by an anti rust primer onto the area's that I had ground down. I followed this with two coats of good quality metal primer all over the roof. Then I did two coats of undercoat, I followed that with a coat of Hamerite smooth, onto which i sprinkled some kiln dried sand, then another coat of Hamerite. I have been to look at the result this eveningand it looks a little patchy so i will give it another coat tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a good job that will last a few years.

Paul Maggs  | 11.43PM, Thursday 4 August

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