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Lister ST 2 tick over

I have a Lister engine on my narrow boat, when the engine is warm/hot if i close the throttle down at a lock etc, the engine just gets slower and slower until it stalls. Anybody got any idea what can be causing it?

Asked by: Paul Maggs  | 9.37pm, Saturday 30 July

Readers say:

I had this a few years ago with my Lister SR3. I was advised it was getting too hot and not getting enough air, so I tried running it with a deckboard up to give it plenty of fresh air. Solved the problem so I increased the ventilation holes to the engine compartment. Also, if you have a canvas tube to remove the exhaust air from the engine, check that it's not damaged and allowing hot air from the engine back into the engine. The grille at the back of the engine is the air intake, so make sure that it is clear (sometimes gets blocked with leaves or general crud). Also, I used to run my SR3 on a straight 30 oil, not a multigrade. (Morris's make it).This runs thinner when hot and reduces oil pressure. Hope this helps.

Cliff Eden  | 10.39PM, Monday 5 September

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