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price of a bow thruster

Can anyone tell me the price of a bow thruster and are they worth having or not thanks

Asked by: andy wakler  | 5.39pm, Monday 1 August

WW says:

A bow-thruster itself will cost you upwards of £1,200, depending on the power you require. It goes without saying that you'll need a more powerful thruster for a Dutch barge than for a 40ft narrowboat - but then you arguably don't need one at all for the latter!
You'll also need to factor in the costs of installation.
Is it worth having? Entirely down to personal preference. If you'll be single-handing in a full-length boat, you could make a good case for a bow-thruster. If your boat is short and you have plentiful crew, it's less likely to be useful. If you're already confident with manoeuvring a boat, you're unlikely to need the extra help a bow-thruster gives - but if you're a little anxious, it could make your cruising less stressful.
If you've never tried one before, ask at a dealer if they have a boat on which they can demonstrate it. Also consider an RYA boat-handling course - it might be a cheaper way of addressing the same problem!

Richard Fairhurst  | 12.25PM, Wednesday 3 August

Readers say:

Total waste of money electric do not run for long enough so should you go for hydraulic.Seeing as working boats did not need them like the majority of us practice at maneuvering and you`ll soon learn.

michael evardson  | 8.15PM, Tuesday 2 August

Learn to steer with tiller only. I`m not a super skipper but I got round the hairpin bends on the upper Thames, near Lechlade, without a bowthruster and that was a 70ft boat.Gives you a great sense of achievement when you master the tiller,doesn`t take a lifetime either.

peter bishop  | 4.22PM, Thursday 17 November

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