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Recommended Oil for Gardner 2LW engine

Our Boat has a Gardener 2LW 2 cylinder 28HP Diesel Engine ( new in 1999)Engine numberAA39. What is the best Oil type to use regardless of price. We intend to renew Oil this Month

Asked by: Robert Doody  | 9.50pm, Thursday 11 August

WW says:

A 'straight 30 grade' oil with a CC or CD rating is best for the Gardner, and for most such classic engines (e.g. Russell Newbery DM2).
Gardner specialist Tony Redshaw Vintage Diesels and Gardner-enthusiast boatyard Streethay Wharf both recommend Golden Film 30, a fine traditional oil from Morris Lubricants.
See http://goo.gl/QdhGn for more information.

Andrew Denny  | 10.17AM, Thursday 18 August

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