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Secondary diesel tank

It's getting harder to find diesel on the canal systems, but jerry cans often breach boat safety certification. Is there a way of installing a second tank without major redesign?

Asked by: Gordon Lane  | 11.54pm, Sunday 14 August

WW says:

Sorry for the delay in replying.
You can buy tanks- made of polypropylene, or reinforced glass fibre, from companies such as Vetus, which can then be restrained with straps. You will still need to add seperate filler and ventilation points, though they are often sold as complete sets.
Jerry cans can be used to store diesel, as long as they are in a self-draining locker (like a gas locker- though not shared with the gas bottles!).
Interesting comment that you find diesel hard to find- most boatyards stock diesel on the UK waterways and it isn't usually hard to find- all yards that have hire boats will keep diesel. Petrol is almost impossible to find, other than rivers, but you are never very far from a diesel pump, unless you are in the wilds of the Fens!

Mark Langley  | 11.18AM, Thursday 1 September

Jerry cans used for storing diesel do not breach BSS rules unless they are stored near to a heat source. Petrol cans however do need to be stored in a location that will stop vapour entering the hull or cabin.
Any diesel tank needs to be fire proof if fitted within the engine compartment, which generally means made of steel. If your tank is the usual arrangement of boxing-in the curved stern on a narrowboat, which can sometimes result in a surprisingly small tank. A boatyard could probably quite easily expand the volume by adding 'wings' on each side following the curve of the counter, around the weed hatch.
Rupert Smedley

Rupert Smedley  | 1.45PM, Monday 26 September

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