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Has WW reviewed any boats built by Kingsground if so where can I find them.
Regards Iain

Asked by: Iain Concar  | 3.31pm, Monday 15 August

WW says:

The two main reviews of KIngsground Narrowboats that I have done are Pendle Warter in the March 2006 issue and Voyager (winner of the Cressy Award at Preston Brook) in November 2006.

Graham Booth  | 6.42PM, Monday 15 August

Iain, you can search the entire index of Waterways World using the search box at the top right of this page.
Searching for 'Kingsground' brings up the three boats I know we have reviewed.
Graham Booth has reviewed two, as he mentions. The third is Oak, reviewed by Mark Langley earlier this year.
You will need to created a free WW account . Once you've done that, clicking through to the relevant article in the search box will give a summary (to check that it's the right one) and you can then buy a single article (as a PDF) for a modest amount.

Andrew Denny  | 11.15PM, Wednesday 17 August

Readers say:

Thanks for the info, is it possible to obtain these reviews or purchase these issues.

Iain Concar  | 9.06AM, Tuesday 16 August

I've had an email saying my question on how I can obtain the reviews has been answered but its not showing.

Iain Concar  | 12.12PM, Tuesday 16 August

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