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Transporting widebeam Chester-Bristol

If we were to purchase a widebeam located on the River weaver by what means & at what coat & whom would you advise we conntact to transport boat to Kennet & Avon. (i.e mixture of road transport & cruising) This is all new to us.

Asked by: Karen Baker  | 1.27pm, Wednesday 17 August

WW says:

A widebeam boat on the Weaver won't get far South before needing road transport.
In practical terms, it would be quickest and easiest to do the whole journey by road.
The best-known company for boat transport is A.B. Tuckey (tel: 01926 812134, or see www.abtuckey.co.uk).
They are based about halfway between the Weaver and the K&A, which is handy for you. The cost might depend on how flexible you are about the date (allowing them to search for a return load to save on costs) and exactly where the boat is loaded and offloaded.

Andrew Denny  | 10.48PM, Wednesday 17 August

Readers say:

Thank You very useful information. Will use that contact.

Karen Baker  | 8.24AM, Thursday 18 August

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