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Wispergen heating

I have been considering buying a boat fited with a Wispergen PP16-12MD 5.5 kW unit which claims to provide heating to radiators as well as 800W of electricity at 12 volts. I have never heard of these units and can find no information about them, can you help regards Jim Hanks

Asked by: JIM HANKS  | 9.17pm, Tuesday 20 September

WW says:

Whispergen units are based on a Sterling engine- which is an external combustion, 4-cylinder engine- the heat input (by burning diesel) also turns a generator, giving the DC current. Sterling engines are quite old designs, but this is an excellent use of an underused technology.
Several hire fleets used them- they have been very effective, both as a heating source, and DC charging- quite useful for liveaboard boaters. They were rather expensive to buy, but are quite a good cmobined "heat and power" plant.
Find more information at www.whispergen.com and you can find further information under the "downloads" section.

Mark Langley  | 9.52AM, Wednesday 21 September

Whispergen are a great concept in that they provide heat and a steady trickle of power at either 12 or 24V. The installation is quite critical to ensure that the heat is distributed well as the stirling engine will only work well with a good temperature difference across it.
Rupert Smedley

Rupert Smedley  | 12.09PM, Monday 26 September

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