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Beta marine engine 38bhp book/manual

Hi, I have just bought my first boat and am trying to get aqainted with as much as possible before moving aboard. I especially need to know what oil I need for the engine and where to get it and grease for the stern gland.
Thank you

Asked by: robert statham  | 7.48pm, Sunday 25 September

WW says:

You can download a Beta marine engine and maintenance manual from their website: www.betamarine.co.uk , which will also give the recommendations for engine oil.
However, 15W40 mineral oil for diesels (not synthetic or semi-synthetic) will usually suffice.
Depending on the gearbox you have, you will either use engine oil or special gearbox oil- let us know which type. It is important to be sure and not use the wrong one- or over/underfill!
If your stern gland is a convenctional type, then grease such as Castrol LM would be ideal- most chandlers stock their own version.
If you have a water lubricated stern gland, then grease is usually not required- and can be detrimental as well!
You might find a days course on engine maintenance course very useful- either the RYA course, or one run by the companies that advertise in the classified section of Waterways World.

Mark Langley  | 9.36PM, Sunday 25 September

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