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new but arthritic wanabe boater

i have looked at areas in ww and think middle levels nav would probably be best for me I(fewer locks) how long a cb would be ok for this nav would be ok ? i am thinking of spending a lot of time cruising in my retirement

Asked by: david trevenen  | 11.07pm, Wednesday 28 September

WW says:

though you can have larger boats here, a smaller one might be quite handy to move around some of the smaller drains. A 30 to 45ft boat would be easier to handle- some of the bends are quite tight!
In that area, would be worth visiting Fox Boats, of March and ask their advice. You might also consider, if you are not venturing further onto the narrow waterways network, of a wide beam boat- a widebeam steel- or a GRP cruiser can be quite good value on waterways like this- and the advantage of an wheelhouse can prove itself on a miserable day!

Mark Langley  | 10.25PM, Thursday 29 September

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