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3 phases to shore supply changeover switch

my 3 phase generator output splits it's phases to 3 seperate single phased circuits (neutrals commoned upstream of and circuit breakers or RCDs). i want to use a single 1ph shore supply line via a changeover switch to power all three final circuits. this would require a 6 pole, 2 way (plus off between), ganged switch. is there any reason with reference to the boat safety scheme or BMEA code of practice why I cant use 3 seperate 2-pole changeover switches, one for each phase/circuit?

Asked by: Workboat Pug  | 4.34pm, Wednesday 5 October

WW says:

Well, the BSS doesn't cover 3-phase systems speifically, so you would ahve to resort to the BMEA CoP (and not the small vessels edition).
The MGCA also have guidance, which, as a comemrcial vessel, of course, you would have to follow...! Including the siting of switchgear and provision of labelling...

Mark Langley  | 11.15AM, Thursday 6 October

Readers say:

:) i'm only kidding by the way, i'm pretty sure the answer comes down to whatever's your personal preference? it's not very often you'll see three phase systems on a private boat. :)

Workboat Pug  | 12.36AM, Thursday 6 October

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