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Can't start my engine!

Hello, I recently took ownership of my first boat. It was delivered to me from Rugby and had spent over a week cruising to my mooring. Since then I have been unable to start my engine(Beta Marine 38). I have installed a new starter battery and checked all terminals. My control panel clicks, and all the lights apart from temperature are iluminated. The key only turns two turns to the right thus not heating up before turning over. Although this was the same prior to me purchasing the boat, the engine used to start. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by: robert statham  | 9.46pm, Monday 10 October

WW says:

You do not state the age of your boat, but it does not sound like a new installation which would have a "heater" position to the left on the key switch.
The weather has changed considerably in the last few weeks and got much colder, this would account for the engine not wanting to start without the heater plugs.
It sounds to me as if the engine has been installed without the standard Beta control panel; therefore there is probably another control for the heater plugs. Sometimes this can be a switch or done automatically with a timer when the key is turned to the "run" position before starting. A light or buzzer usually then activates to show the heater plugs are on.
The best way to work out the system fitted to your boat is to trace the wiring. Start on the engine at the heater plugs themselves. The wire will probably go to a relay which will be controlled from the panel somehow.
Hope this helps, it is difficult to be more specific without seeing the boat.
Rupert Smedley

Rupert Smedley  | 9.58AM, Tuesday 11 October

You might also want to check the main engine and control panel fuses as well- just in case. The information on their location is in the handbook.

Mark Langley  | 12.29PM, Wednesday 12 October

Readers say:

Thanks Rupert, It is a Beta control panel and yes I do remember hearing a buzzer when I first went to view the boat. It seems the ignition has been tampered with which is why the key won't turn anti-clockwise to the heater plugs setting? I will do as you suggest thank you and I have just down loaded the operators maintenance manual also.Thanks Rob

robert statham  | 10.10AM, Tuesday 11 October

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