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Flickering LED lights!!

We have 4 LED downlighters which have worked perfectly for the past 15 months.They are positioned at the furthest point from the batteries and we have a bus bar running down the entire length of the boat which is 70ft long. We changed our batteries from 3 110ah 12v to 4 235ah 6v and since then these LED are flashing and flickering like mad and seem quite dim, however if we switch a light on elsewhere they stop flickering so much and appear brighter. Our other LED lights are fine. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by: Sharron Watson  | 5.53pm, Tuesday 18 October

WW says:

First question: have you measured the voltage (with a multimeter) at the LED lamps? It might be that the voltage they are receiving is higher than before (odd as it sounds). When you cut in the other bulbs, it might pull the voltage back into their working range.
Some older LED designs are quite narrow in their working voltage range.
Let us know- otherwise, I am sure that Rupert will reply with a more detailed answer and other suggestions!

Mark Langley  | 11.26PM, Tuesday 18 October

I think Mark is right, the new batteries are better and the lights do not like it. How are they when the engine is running and the batteries are being charged?
The flickering might be due to the electronics in the lights interfering with each other with the better supply voltage. Ferrite clips on the cables (often seen on computer cables and available from electronics shops such as Maplin) might solve the problem.
Let us know how you get on.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.19PM, Friday 21 October

Readers say:

Thanks for your answer Mark. I'll try that first and see how I get on.

Sharron Watson  | 10.48AM, Friday 21 October

Thanks for your input Rupert. As soon as we get back to the boatyard we'll check these suggestions out. I'll check out the situation with the engine running although I know that they still flickered when we were connected to the mains and the batteries were being charged. I'll keep you posted. Sharron

Sharron Watson  | 8.17PM, Monday 24 October

Hi Sharron, that's an interesting problem - I think Rupert may be right as the problem also mainifests itself as interference on radios in some boats! Whilst the bulbs are flickering or running dim the driving circuit is obviously not performing within design parameters and could also fail prematurely, in any case I would advise not using them whilst this problem exists. The latest design LED bulbs are now internally fused, Voltage Spike Protected & EMI free and should resolve the problem! I would advise contacting the original supplier and see what they say! Richard

Richard  | 9.59AM, Sunday 1 January

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