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how can I identify my narrowboat No 46786

I purchased my 40ft narrowboat "Lockwood" No. 46786 7yrs ago for major renovation. ( I understand it had been out of the water several yrs then. I contacted BW and asked if they could give me any information on the boat but said they had no record of this number. No makers plate or numbers are present as far as I can tell. The hull is made from 1/4" plate and the upper cabin is timber beams & boarded, It has a josher style bow & swept up cabin at the traditional stern end.Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am aiming to have it in the water next year.

Asked by: John Lewis  | 8.11pm, Friday 28 October

WW says:

According to the list of plate numbers in Appendix 6 of the Inland Boatowners' Book, plate numbers 45506 to 47299 were issued in 1989. It is strange that BW has no record of your number but it could be that the previous owner 'deregistered' it when it was taken out of the water.
I have also looked in the book 'Inland Waterways Boat Listing' by Douglas Maas but there is no mention of a boat called 'Lockwood'. This is not particularly significant as, interesting though the book is, it never claimed to be comprehensive.
If you would like to email a couple of photos to WW, we could try to identify the builder which may reveal other information.

Graham Booth  | 10.49AM, Monday 31 October

Neither the name "Lockwood" or the index number 46786 are on the BW computer system. Is this the original name?
The steel hull and wooden super structure indicates a 1980s boat, but if it has been out of the water for 14 years it will never have had a Boat Safety examination, which might be why it has not made it onto the computer data base.
We might be able to put a query with a photo into the magazine to see if anyone recognizes the boat or the makers style.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.32PM, Tuesday 1 November

Andrew Perry has emailed us at Waterways World:
A friend of mine, Jed Smith, had a 40ft narrowboat built by Dennis Cooper at Norton Canes in 1975, named Charlotte.
It was moored at Patricroft on the Bridgewater Canal, home of Worsley Cruising Club. Jed sold Charlotte in 1983 to another club member, who renamed it Lockwood. They had the boat a few years then it left the area.
About ten years ago Jed decided to find location of his old boat, and fortunately at the time BWB had the owner on record, located at a yard at Elvington in Yorkshire. If this describes your boat I will give you Jed's phone number.
I spoke to Jed today, and he showed me photos of the boat taken 30 years ago in immaculate condition, and ten years ago in a very sorry state. If this is your boat I know Jed would love give you full details of the boat and his adventures on it.

Andrew Denny  | 4.21PM, Friday 9 December

Readers say:

Thank you for your replies, I am unable to make contact with the previous owner & therefore don`t know if Lockwood is the original name. I will sort out some photos & send them on to you. When finished, the boat will look a lot different to what it did.
Regards John

John Lewis  | 9.09PM, Tuesday 1 November

Thank you Andrew for this information and thank you team at Waterways World. This is the very boat I now own which I purchased from previous owners operating from Elvington Industrial Estate which is just round the corner from me. I did promise to forward some photos on to W W But unfortunately when my previous computer had a major problem, I lost some data which must have included the early pictures I took of `Lockwood` - `Charlotte` but have managed to obtain some when we were moving the boat taken by a friend although it was raining very heavy & all the cabin is covered in sheeting.. I would appreciate being able to have a word with Jed.rgds John

John Lewis  | 8.20PM, Friday 9 December

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