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weight of a 1980's 31ft Dartline narrowboat

Does anyone know how heavy a 31ft 1980 steel hull & GRP top Dartline Narrowboat is please?

Asked by: ellie  | 8.48pm, Wednesday 2 November

WW says:

The weight of a boat is difficult to estimate. It depends only on the materials used in its construction, but also on the weight of the internal fittings and possessions. As Archimedes famously discovered in his bath, it is of course equal to the weight of the water displaced.
A rule of thumb that applies to working boats is that each ton loaded pushes the boat down an inch in the water (averaged over the length). Assuming an average draught of 18" (it will be deeper at the stern and shallower at the bow). I estimate the weight to be around 9 tonnes, but would add a tolerance of 2 or 3 tonnes either way.
This is only a very rough estimate, the only way to really find out is to have it craned out, and ask the crane driver as they usually have an indicator in the cab!

Rupert Smedley  | 10.44AM, Friday 4 November

Readers say:

My 30ft steel narrowboat, with steel top, weighed 6tons, of about the same age as yours.
My next boat, a 70ft NB weighed 22tons but handled much better.

peter bishop  | 4.07PM, Thursday 17 November

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