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just acquired 1st narrow boat and have limited budget as just retired and don't do technical! Please advise type/make and availability good all round aerial for 15" lcd tv. with built in 'freeview' Thanks Brian Todd

Asked by: Brian & Lynn Todd  | 9.29am, Sunday 24 August

WW says:

If you are planning to rely on the Freeview tuner in your TV, you will need the best aerial you can get. Until the analogue signals are switched off, the Freeview signal is very weak so an aerial designed for a boat or caravan - even a directional one - is unlikely to give a reliable picture unless you are in a very good signal area.

Your best bet is to buy a suitable domestic aerial and mount it on as tall a pole as you can manage. It may be a nuisance to erect and may not look very good but it is the only way to give yourself the maximum chance of getting a picture while cruising.

If your TV has the option of receiving analogue signals as well, a directional boat or caravan aerial like the Status S530 should give a reasonable picture in most locations - provided you know where the transmitter is.

Graham Booth  | 9.47AM, Wednesday 27 August

Readers say:

With analogue transmission it is normally best to have a directional antenna to minimise reflections (seen as ghosting), however with digital (freeview) the data can come from any direction. Reflections are actually welcome. I agree that until the transmissions go uop to full strength, some gain (refered to in dB in antenna adverts) is necessary in many places.

I have a caravan cage type amplified antenna. This is not much good on analogue, but needs no adjustment. However it does work well in good freeview areas. The picture on the move can be completely stable and only freeze when obstructed by bridges etc.

My wife watched Wimbledon successfully whilst travelling the Shroppie this year. She was of course required to leave the centre court for lock duties.

Jim Comerford  | 5.56PM, Thursday 28 August

TV aerial

Thanks to Graham Booth & Jim Commerford

for replies to my query re the above,both responses are much appreciated,will do some experimentation to come up with the optimum,its nice to know there are people out there willing to give advice to us novices,by the way Jim trust your wife found time to make you a cuppa between sets as at sounds as though you were glued to the tiller & not the telly. Regards Brian Todd

Brian & Lynn Todd  | 5.48PM, Saturday 30 August

Have a look at www.touraleisure.com and visit the 'Infiormation' section where you can download an amazing pdf file of very relevant information.

Rob Butler  | 12.25PM, Monday 23 April

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