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what do i need to know?

Hello there,
I'm sure you get asked this a lot, but i'm buying my first boat, and have lots of questions, but what do i actually need to know when viewing and inquiring about a boat? so far my check list is:
Stern type,
Last blacked?
Thanks for any help,

Asked by: Jess Clay  | 2.02pm, Saturday 12 November

WW says:

If you are new to narrowboating, you should find that the Inland Boatowner's Book - published by Waterways World - has all the information you need to know about this and many other important topics.
In particular, Chapter 18 is titled 'What to look for in a second-hand narrowboat' and Chapter 19 is 'What to look for in a second-hand inboard engine'. Chapter 21, 'Buying a second-hand boat' deals with the buying process and offers advice on avoiding the possible pitfalls.
One piece of advice which is less obvious than some of the rest is to look for a boat with a shell built by a good quality builder. This will ensure that the boat looks good, swims well and will command a good price when you come to sell it. The shell is the only part of the boat that you can't improve easily once you have bought it so it is worth taking the time and trouble to make sure it is a good one from the start.
Knowing what constitutes a good shell is not easy but, if you do your homework, look at lots of boats, talk to lots of boaters and don't rush into a purchase, you should find your way through the maze.

Graham Booth  | 6.21PM, Saturday 12 November

And of course, once you have decided on the best boat for you, make sure you get it inspected by a marine surveyor who will tell you if there are any hidden defects that you would not spot no matter how long your checklist is.

Graham Booth  | 10.38AM, Monday 14 November

Readers say:

Thank you so much, Jess

Jess Clay  | 12.44PM, Sunday 13 November

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