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french varnish

I am trying to find the name of a particular varnish, made in France, that I saw demonstrated at Crick Boat Show. The finish was absolutely wonderfull and in addition to this, the varnish sank into the wood, not just sitting on the suface like modern products.

Asked by: peter bishop  | 3.58pm, Thursday 17 November

WW says:

LE TONKINOIS seems to be the stuff- it was shown by DA & BE Murkin at the Crick Show- http://www.letonkinoisvarnish.co.uk/ is the web address that should be able to supply you.
Hope that helps!

Mark Langley  | 4.19PM, Thursday 17 November

Readers say:

Thank you very much Mark, that is the very stuff that I`m looking for.
Best wishes.

peter bishop  | 4.30PM, Thursday 17 November

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