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engine size

would a lister ts2 20hp have enouth power for a 57 foot narrowboat thanks chris

Asked by: christopher smith  | 11.50am, Saturday 19 November

WW says:

The TS2 would move the boat on canals ok, though sound a little busy, but would be quite underpowered on rivers when there was a flow on- the TS3 would be far more suitable, if you can get one, as it has half as much grunt again.

Mark Langley  | 6.35PM, Saturday 19 November

The ST2 is rated at 20HP at 2600rpm.
These are the modern version of the well known Lister SR engines. Air cooled and very reliable they were fitted to hire boats for many years.
The SR2 develops 14.5HP at 2200 rpm and was the choice for smaller boats, the SR3 was used for bigger boats giving 19.5 HP. I have known an SR3 successfully driving a 70ft working boat for many years before it was replaced with an original National DM2. (This incidentally being rated at 18.5HP at 1000rpm).
I would hence agree with Mark that an ST2 would be fine for a 57ft narrowboat, although if you are anticipating a lot of river work more power might be useful. It is much better to use a smaller engine more fully, than to have a larger engine barely above tick-over most of the time.

Rupert Smedley  | 6.14PM, Wednesday 23 November

Readers say:

thanks for your advice most of the time icruise canals and none tidle rivers ie calder aire and calder a mate offered me the ts2 as i am fitting out ashell 57 foot ithought the eng may be ok as i remember haveing a ld3 in a50 foot

christopher smith  | 6.14PM, Saturday 26 November

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