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a proper seat

is there a boat builder who puts a proper comfortable seat on the back of a narrowboat were you can sit for 8 hours without being tyred out I have been an narrowboat owner for 11 years
and at 70 i just can't stand there any more

Asked by: terry roberts  | 7.20pm, Tuesday 6 December

WW says:

Most boatbuilders could put one there- the difficulty arises in then steering most narrowboats with a tiller- at some point you will have to get up, as the tiller can cross you.
Also, when going astern, if the rudder hits something, it could potentially pin you against the seat- or worse.
Possibly a way forward would be a seat, with (hydraulic) wheel steering in front of a nice comfortable seat- some of those used on motor cruisers are very comfortable indeed, and have been used on some narrowboats with success. It doesn't look very "traditional", but then again, no seats on the stern deck are trad!

Mark Langley  | 7.28PM, Tuesday 6 December

comment from terry (apologies, deleted by accident!)
thanks Mark i have been thinking about this for some time and i know Vetus do a follow up hydrolic system with a mini
rudder this system would keep me boating for a few more years but if it broke down we would not be able to move

Mark Langley  | 7.57PM, Tuesday 6 December

Most hydraulic systems can easily be adapted to have an emergency tiller added- or even to use a tiller instead of the wheel at any time.
Larger seagoing craft often have hydraulic systems, with a deckplate which can be removed to allow a tiller to be fitted- a simple bypass valve then allows easy(ish) emergency steering

Mark Langley  | 7.58PM, Tuesday 6 December

Readers say:

well it sounds as if there is no reason
for this not to work narrowboats cost a lot of money and i cant help thinking
this very important part of the boat has been neglected, we spend a lot of time standing or sitting on a bit of wood when a little thought could make a lot of difference my next project is to make things a lot more comfortable for myself, will let you know.

terry roberts  | 8.21PM, Tuesday 6 December

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