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Ellis Heatmaster Boiler

Can anybody please direct me to an online manual for an Ellis Heatmaster or does somebody have a manua they are willing to copy or sell.
Thanks very much, Roy.

Asked by: Roy Harris  | 11.15pm, Tuesday 24 January

WW says:

The Ellis Heatmaster was a development of the old Flavel Spacemaster boiler, redesigned and made by Peter Ellis and Tony Matts of Foxton Boat Services, near Market Harborough, until its lack of a balance flue meant it fell foul of BBS rules in the 1990s and was overtaken by the newer Alde.
It was well built and popular for a while, particularly on hireboats, where its reliability found favour, and one or two hireboats might still have them fitted.
One improvement over the original Flavel design was that the Ellis was purely mechanical and didn't need an electricity supply. Its construction meant that if it was regularly serviced it still likely to be in good condition.
You can probably still get a copy of the manual from Foxton Boat Services (0116 2792285). They will also service your Ellis Heatmaster for £50, and supply spares if required.

Andrew Denny  | 2.05PM, Monday 30 January

Readers say:

My Ellis boiler is still giving satisfatory service, I have a copy of the original typewritten handbook and if Roy would like to contact me I can supply copy.

Rodney Hardwick  | 7.50PM, Monday 30 January

Thanks Andrew and Rodney for your replies. I would love a copy of the hanbook please Rodney. Please mail me at roy.harris@tesco.net with your address and cost of copying and I will send you a stamped addressed envelope. With thanks to you both. Roy.

Roy Harris  | 9.56PM, Monday 30 January

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