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engine gearbox oil

i have a beta 35 engine the manual says use mineral based oil for none turbo engines. can i use oil that says on the label for turbo and none turbo engines

Asked by: christopher smith  | 8.47am, Thursday 15 March

WW says:

Yes is the short answer!
Turbo charged engines need much tougher oil than normally aspirated ones. This is because the turbo spins at very high speeds which can damage mineral oil molecules, synthetic oils are tough enough to resist. So an oil for turbo and non turbo engines will probably either be a high grade mineral oil or mineral with some synthetic oil added.
The important thing is to ensure that the oil has the correct viscosity rating, which will be 10/40 or 10/30 or similar for multi-grade oils. The two figures refer to the viscosity of the oil at low and high temperatures; to give easy starting in cold weather a thinner oil is needed, whereas when an engine is hot the oil needs to be thicker to prevent wear. So a 10/40 multi-grade oil has a viscosity of SAE10 when cold, but when the engine is at normal operating temperature it will be the same as SAE40 oil.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.33AM, Thursday 15 March

Readers say:

thanks for the quick response

christopher smith  | 7.32AM, Friday 16 March

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