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best time of day to get through denver sluice

can any one help, im planning on moving my boat from ely to ringstead starting the night of 25th march 2012. can any one tell me the best time to get through denver sluice and is it possible to get through out of normal operation hours, also if any one knows if all the locks on nene are open
thanks guys i`ll look forward to any answers or sugestions

Asked by: damien  | 2.41am, Thursday 22 March

WW says:

Denver, and Salters Lode (the entrance to the Middle Level), are both manned locks and you can only pass through when the tide allows.
You can contact the keepers on:
Denver - 01366 382013/382340
Salters Lode - 01366 382292
You shouldn't have any trouble with stoppages on the Nene, but you can check at this URL: http://environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/recreation/130933.aspx .

Richard Fairhurst  | 11.40AM, Thursday 22 March

Readers say:

thank you

damien  | 11.52AM, Thursday 22 March

thank you

damien  | 11.53AM, Thursday 22 March

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