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Boat batteries

I have 4 Leisure batteries and 1 starter battery on my boat they are all wet cell type. One of the leisure batteries is eating up distilled water and must be starting to go faulty,the other 3 seem fine. I am aware you can not put in a new battery with the existing batteries, however my starter battery is exactly the same type and age as the existing leisure batteries so I was woundering if got rid of the bad battery and replaced it with the starter battery? they would then all be the same type and age. I would then buy a new starter battery. Do you think this would be ok.your advice would be much appreciated

Asked by: David Anderson  | 4.07pm, Sunday 25 March

WW says:

The starter battery may have started out the same as the leisure batteries but, depending how old they all are, the different type of use it has had will have altered it.
Nevertheless, my inclination would be to try doing as you suggest but keep a close eye on all the batteries to make sure the old starter battery settles in with the others and that no problems are developing.

Graham Booth  | 4.33PM, Sunday 25 March

I agree with Graham, you will probably get another season or two from the cabin batteries by swapping the bad one.
It would be worth having a good look at the installation and checking all the battery connections to see if there is anything that might have caused that one to fail; slightly loose connections will stress that battery more than the others. The extra heat from a high resistance connection would cause extra loss of electrolyte, resulting in early failure of that battery.
When replacing your starter battery you can often save money by getting an ordinary vehicle or tractor battery. These are designed to give the high currents for starting engines and then being recharged; using a deep cycle leisure battery is unnecessary.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.46AM, Monday 26 March

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