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4 Counties - which way round?

In June with 6 friends we will be setting off from Etruria in Stoke on Trent.. we are just debating which way round we should tackle the 4 counties route - any suggestions?

Asked by: Helsie  | 11.36am, Monday 21 April
Tags: cruising four_counties

WW says:

It's a hardy perennial and opinion is usually divided!

Personally I'd always suggest anti-clockwise - the Cheshire Locks ("Heartbreak Hill") on the Trent & Mersey are easier downhill, I find. (Especially if you have a bike and can send one of the crew on ahead, lock-wheeling!)

But as you're starting from Etruria, the timings through Harecastle Tunnel are paramount - you don't want to get stuck at the mouth of the tunnel, wanting to go through, five minutes after it closes.

Richard Fairhurst  | 11.45AM, Monday 21 April

Readers say:

If you start sharpish in the morning then go anticlockwise - going through the tunnel on the first day.

If an afternoon start, then go "downhill", taking a lockful of water with you (always better to conserve water resources)and you can cruise into the evening.

Otherwise there's not much difference either way; you're soon out into the country if you like a quiet mooring. All depends on your needs and wants.

TrueBlue  | 11.48AM, Monday 21 April

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