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flying the flag

We would like to fly a flag on the stern of our narrowboat, should it union flag or the red ensign, i have been told it is illeagal to fly the union flag, would be gratefull for a diffinative answer

Asked by: stanley morris  | 8.33pm, Friday 6 April

WW says:

It can only be the Red Ensign. You are right that under the merchant shipping acts, it is illegal to fly the Union Flag on any vessel, with some exceptions (such as RN Warships, etc.).
Unless you have a permit, you may also not wear a defaced red, blue or White ensign- only a plain red ensign. Incidentally, oddly enough, you fly a flag, but wear an ensign!
Good luck- always good to see boats wearing their proper colours!

Mark Langley  | 5.52PM, Sunday 8 April

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