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Treatments for natural rope fenders

I have 2 new tipcats and a button made from natural rope. Is there a preservative treatment I should use before fitting to the boat.

Asked by: Kenton lock  | 9.43pm, Sunday 15 April

WW says:

It is definitely worth treating natural rope fenders as otherwise they rot much faster than they wear out. The traditional treatments were old engine oil or creosote, both of which are now rather frowned upon due to the pollution they can cause. A wood treatment would be the best, the sort that preserves wood rather than fence paint. A clear one will not cause discolouration.
The trick is to apply the treatment with the fenders off the boat, giving them a couple of good soakings, then leaving to dry for several days. Otherwise rain can wash the preservative off the fenders into the canal.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.54PM, Sunday 15 April

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