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Hi just a quick one whats the best length colour and diameter of mooring rope do i buy for 57ft narrow boat, thanks

Asked by: andy wakler  | 5.52pm, Friday 20 April

WW says:

Most ready-made mooring ropes in chandlers are ten metres long. This is a sensible length but one person may not be able to hold both the front and rear ropes on a 57ft boat. However, this is not a problem if you have a centre rope fixing point of the roof.
The most common thickness is 14mm and colour is really a matter of choice. Synthetic hemp is light brown and looks more authentic but black tends not the show the dirt so much.
Tradline fenders currently has some good package deals comprising three ropes and two mooring chains (www.tradline.co.uk).

Graham Booth  | 6.55PM, Friday 20 April

It is always worth having a couple of longer and lighter lines (say 15metres of 12mm)to act as spring lines to properly moor on busy waterways (these are fore-and-aft lines which you run inboard, to stop the boat surging forward and backwards.
Polypropylene ropes float, but tend to splinter, are quite horrid to hold after a while and they break down in sunlight, but are cheap
Nylon ropes are nice to handle and last well, but stretch quite a bit- which is why they are used as the rope part of an anchor line (with about 5 to 10metres of chain attached to the anchor).
Polyester ropes are probably the best all-round modern ropes to use- and three-strand laid, which means that eye splices and back-splices can be easily put in. Even with very little practice, you can put in splices. As Graham says, you can get these in black, hemp-look, or even white!
You can wash ropes to extend their life: place in an old pillow case and wash at 30degC on a wool wash, with a simple detergent! Also, having a couple of lines to fit your home mooring (and a couple of short springs) can mean that your cruising lines can last longer, by being kept out of the light and in the dry!

Mark Langley  | 11.23PM, Friday 20 April

Readers say:

ok thanks guys

andy wakler  | 10.31AM, Saturday 21 April

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