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What anti-freeze to use in boat heating system

What anti-freeze should I use in my boats heating system? I have an Eberspacher heating radiators and a calorifier.

Asked by: Dave Cleaver  | 5.01pm, Thursday 11 September

WW says:

If you add antifreeze, the consider draining the system first. If you just add antifreeze neat, then the chances are it won't mix properly- which can lead to all manner of problems.

Also, consider using pre-mix fluid- its made with distilled water, which can avoid the problems of calcium/magnesium carbonate forming inside the pipes. Also, it often contains better corrosion inhibitors.

Mark Langley  | 9.49PM, Tuesday 16 September

Readers say:

I have used anti freeze in mine at about 35% concentrate

Must be to BS 6580

Ian Mason  | 5.26PM, Monday 15 September

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