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water tank repair

how do you repair a leak in the water tank

Asked by: dorry downes  | 7.57pm, Thursday 26 April

WW says:

If it is a integral steel water tank, you could either have the tank welded, or add a plastic liner to the tank. Small leaks might be possible to plug with glassfibre sheet and epoxy resin, but you would have to choose one that is potable water safe. It really depends where the leak in the tank is.
A seperate stainless steel tank could also be welded or lined, though the welding is a more specialist job.
Plastic water tanks can also be repaired and the manufacturer can usually offer solutions- or alternatively Goodwin Plastics might be able to help- they make a wide range of plastic tanks, including boat water/waste tanks.

Mark Langley  | 8.59PM, Thursday 26 April

I agree with Mark, it depends on what sort of water tank you have on your boat.
In the case of a separate tank fitted under the foredeck (or similar); the only solution is to remove the tank and get it repaired.
If it is an integral tank created from the bow section of a narrowboat that has rusted through; you need to get inside to assess the remedial action required (they usually have large access panels or lids to enable painting inside).
A leaking tank is often the result of very cold weather when the formation of ice can often split joints. The solution is to drain water systems including the tank before winter sets in, unless the boat is used and well heated.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.17PM, Thursday 26 April

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