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living on a canal boat

can anybody tell me if you live on a canal boat who do you pay and how much does it cost annually im new to this and thinking of selling my house and buying one...thanks....

Asked by: thomas roberts  | 10.14am, Friday 12 September

WW says:

I would strongly suggest you speak to the Residential Boat Owners Association www.rboa.org.uk

Also, if you haven't been on boats much, I would strongly suggest that you consider going on one, possibly in winter! Its not always as cheap as you think and may not really fit with your lifestyle, especially with the lack of moorings.

Once you move afloat, considering that most boats depreciate, it can be hard to sell and move back to land!

The Inland Boat Owners Book, published by Waterways World, is also a good place to start thinking about boats.

Also, have a look at the boat information section on the British Waterways site www.waterscape.com

Whatever you do, consider getting some serious advice first! Speak to (legal) residential boaters and continuous cruisers- and buy the book from the RBOA on Living Afloat.

Mark Langley  | 4.06PM, Friday 12 September

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