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12v - 240v same time?

This is probably a stupid question but, can you have both running at the same time? It I had, say 1 12v tv with a 240v satelite receiver, would that work? Likewise, 12v lighting while running a 240v computer.. etc

Asked by: Carl Young  | 7.39pm, Wednesday 2 May

WW says:

The simple answer is "yes", you will be glad to know! The systems are independant (to a degree).
Of course, if you are using 230V via an inverter for power, then you have to keep an eye on power consumption, as 230V power consumption greatly reduces the time the batteries can provide power. The inverter changes 12V DC to 230V AC, and then the batteries will be recharged when the engine is running, via the alternator.

Mark Langley  | 10.07PM, Wednesday 2 May

It is generally better to try and use equipment that runs on 12V. running an inverter just to charge a mobile phone for instance is very inefficent, much better to use a vehicle charger.
You can get 12V satelite receivers and small converters that will charge laptops directly without converting 12V to 230V and then back down to an intermediate voltage for the laptop!

Rupert Smedley  | 10.20AM, Thursday 3 May

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